A little scrap busting

Sewing can generate some fabric waste. When cutting out a pattern I try and minimize as much wasted space as possible. Hopefully I’ll end up with a big enough piece to make another garment or color block with another scrap piece into a garment. For the smaller pieces I’ve been looking for smaller items to make with them, or combine them to make a patchwork item.

Scrunchies are a great scrap buster and really easy to make. I made a few out of two linen fabrics from my skirts. I’ve heard they are also easier on your hair, especially at night while sleeping.


I’ve also used cotton and canvas scraps to make small bags. This first one is a utensil holder using canvas scrap from the mothers day bag I made my mom, and some gold cotton scrap from a quilt I’m making. I really wanted a simple and functional holder for my bamboo utensils and it came out perfectly without using any new fabric!


And finally I used some cotton fat corners on the interior fabric of this small coin purse. The coin purse can also double as a travel pouch for jewelry or any small item, which is what I use it for. :)


June Gloom 2019


This years June gloom provided alot of really great light for photographing the garden. We even had a few days of light rain. I ran out with my macro to catch as many droplets as I could sitting on our poppy wildflower mix.


Our Gila Globe wildflowers also grew to great heights. And my Queen Lime Zinnia’s also bloomed, showing off it’s many intricate curls and colors.


A few of our tomato’s ripened, as well as a bunch of small tomatillos which made for an EXCELLENT salsa for our taco night. We also had our first mini bell pepper, which I refrained from picking for weeks thinking it would get bigger, but it never did! I picked a bunch of carrots that were growing too close together and unfortunately I ended up losing them in a pickle that went bad.


I managed two makes this month - The Deer and Doe Fumeterre Skirt and a clutch bag I created from a remnant piece of fabric I bought in the downtown fabric district and some beautiful Cotton from Cottoneer. I added some bead work and french knots which really gave the fabric something extra. I’m looking forward to making more like it! I also revamped my Vera Slouch Bag with my yellow striped canvas. I absolutely love the new look. We also took a trip to Galaxy’s Edge and I whipped up a Fannie Pouch, also by Sotak Handmade, with leftover canvas from the Vera Slouch bag I made my mom for Mother’s Day.

2019-06-22 16.36.23.jpg
2019-06-23 18.22.37.jpg