Superbloom 2019


Thanks to all the rain we had this past winter here in LA, the mountains turned extremely green and everything has been blooming out of control. We’ve been to the poppy fields in Antelope Valley numerous times over the years, but this year with the excitement over the super bloom it seemed impossible that we would make it there.


As fortune would have it, we both ended up with a day off on Good Friday. We decided to risk it, hoping that many would be out of town, and did we luck out!


The hills all around us were covered in orange. It was so bright it looked as if someone sprinkled orange dust everywhere. I’ve always found poppies to be really hard to photograph, especially when there are so many. I found a lot of my shots were blown out, and I did some major editing afterwards in Lightroom to bring down the exposure and tone down the orange just enough to get definition back into the flower.


Another highlight for me is all the other wildflowers mixed in amongst the poppies. I wish I knew their names, but this year I found a few purple flowers, some yellow and the most stunning of all, a bright white ball of petals. When I saw this flower I immediately knew it was something special. It looked like your typical blow away weed but the light really hits this flower in a spectacular way and it stood out to me from a distance. Upon a closer look each petal looks like a perfectly striped bow. 


Next year I will definitely be looking for blow wives seeds to add to our garden.